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OMNI 200 by OMNI3D
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Omni 200

Build volume XYZ – 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Nozzle diameter – 0,4 mm
Max. printing speed – up 100 mm/s
Filament diameter – 1,75 mm
Max. head temperature – max. 260 °C
Max. platform temperature – 120 °C
Mode of operation: – WiFi/ USB
Compatible files – 3mf, .stl, .obj, G-code


Official page: Omni200 – Omni3D

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Omni 200 extruder is made of aluminium
The extruder is made entirely of high quality aluminium, which ensures stable and more accurate operation.

Nozzle temperature
The maximum operating temperature of the extruder is 260°C, which allows you to print the majority of commercially available filaments. Modular design of the extruder allows easy dismantling of the radiator and the nozzle which makes cleaning easier.

Easy removal of printouts
Removable, magnetic pad is inserted as a printing surface on a bed. Because of pad high flexibility it is very easy to remove the prints after work is done. This operation requires no additional tools.

Metal body construction
Printer housing made of aluminium alloy ensures device stability and helps prevent camera shaking even when printing at speed of 100 mm/sec. Thus, even during high speed operation it is possible to provide high quality and precise printing.